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Pfft, talking clouds.

Pfft, talking clouds.


Today's Forecast...

The Gods of the Weather have gotten together for a meeting. Where? About what? Who's going to be there? What color socks should I wear today? That's for you to decide. Gods Taken: Rein Beau (Rain God) Aeolus (Wind God) Storm Klaud (Storm God) Seol (Snow God) Tarrant (Thunder God) Soare Meteo (Sun God) Ambisa Lore (Mist God) Vihar (Hurricane God) Hunne Kolour (Rainbow God) Faillie (Magical Flying Sperm) Gordon "Kandi" K. (Sunset God) October J. Verne (Night God) Jack Frost (Frost God) Raiden Levitas (Lightning God) Pyry Yuki (Blizzard God) Cyrus Lone (Cyclone God) Utah (Drought God) Ambisa Lore (Mist God) Elison Hailz (Tornado God)


Today's Forecast... launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Today's Forecast...! Comics coming soon!

Posted by Distasty @ April 26th, 2010, 9:39 pm
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